News Item: : 4th and 5 th day of our travel (aug 16th and 17th)
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Posted by PA0FLE
Saturday 18 August 2007 - 09:39:30

After a good nights rest. We started to get the rest of our gear. Because it is high tide now, Torvald helped us with a small boat to move
all our equipment much closer to the schoolhouse. Unfortunately the weather is very severe today, and it was difficult do get the  2 meter beam up the rock.

You can hardly keep yourself standing up, imagine with a mast and two meter beam. We drilled a few holes in the rocks to anchor
 the guy lines of the mast.

Still much wind today so no spiderbeam, due to the wind.
Torvald brought us some fish, which he has caught today. We put two of them in the oven and the rest in the freezer.We had a visitor from norway who has lived in holland so we had a nice local talk. The HF station had a pileup today and we where also succesfull on 6 meter during the daytime.

This news item is from Norway DXPedition 2007
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