News Item: : 3rd day of our travel (aug 15th)
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Posted by Henk PA3FMC
Wednesday 15 August 2007 - 13:27:34

At 8.00 we started driving via Forde to Risjedalsvikka. Unfortunately the ferry left just 30 min before arrival and we have to wait for another 3hrs to go to Krakhella. So we decided to get lunch in Laervik. Also we have now the last moment with internet connection. We will try updating the web site via Dick PA0GRU and Werner PA0FLE using PSKmail or PSK direct. We plan to arrive around 19:30 this evening on Utvaer and have to look if we can set up some antenna's. This is not easy because weather is severe now. Hopefully we are fully qrv tomorrow on HF and VHF.

This news item is from Norway DXPedition 2007
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